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454 Bags

454 Bags was born from within the cultivation industry, making them the first and only (so far) brand of cultivation specific bags for your entire post harvest needs. From tent living on a hillside 20 miles from the closest resemblance of town, to 1,000 light commercial grows and brokering other farms units…the people at 454 Bags know all aspects of the industry.

Until they made their own bags, the people behind 454 Bags had personally suffered losses due to seal failures on subpar vacuum bags. Buds they thought were preserved had oxidized within weeks. When it comes to your hard work, 454 Bags comes in at the very end – the finish line. Even though it’s the end and you can taste the money, your product is in its most vulnerable stage.

When 454 Bags started formulating and designing their products, they understood the responsibility that came with it. If the bags fail, your livelihood is at risk. With this in mind, they spent over 1.5 years formulating their plastics and designing their bags to make sure they were ideal for use in cultivation.

454 Bags makes bags that you can trust.

454 Bags:

  • Preserve terpenes, color, and nose better
  • Have a stronger seal for more reliable storage, shipping, and transportation
  • Are made from eco-friendly materials
  • Function perfectly for cultivation

After product development, 454 Bags moved to product testing. The feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that they immediately started manufacturing the first round of bags. And the rest is history.

The 454 Bags Pledge –
We will never forget our roots. No matter the size of our company we will always recognize the industry we came from.

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