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Our RediRoot product line was created with a focus on superior root development and root health to help growers produce the best plant material possible. Our specially engineered containers maximize yields and minimize costs. Growers need a better choice, whether for commercial growing or personal gardening – and RediRoot delivers a superior option.

Our vision is to positively impact the world’s plant-based food development by teaching people of all races and ages (with a special focus on orphans) how to grow their own food. We will leverage our position as the leading advisor to growers in the nursery and gardening products space to continue developing purposeful, innovative products for a complete plant life support system, and in turn, we will use that system to teach people around the world how to grow their own food. This will inspire others to get involved, become part of a bigger movement, and truly create positive change – all through the simple act of rolling up your sleeves and becoming fully engaged.

What Makes RediRoot the Best Air Pruning Pot on the Market?

Our positioning leads with a critical differentiator within the industry, and it’s all about “getting MORE” out of your plants. We support this positioning not only with scientific results, but with an emotional and playful approach that gives RediRoot a personality – which in turn helps to create an emotional connection with our audience.

You want more out of your plants, right? Greater yield, quicker turn times, more beauty – that’s certainly not too much to ask of your plants, especially considering your investment of time and money into each and every one of them.

Well, your plants want the same thing.

So do yourself and them a favor and choose RediRoot – the plant life ultimate support system (PLUSS) for better root structures.

Seriously, would you be able to grow healthier, bigger, and more beautiful if you were root-bound?

We didn’t think so.

For better results overall, don’t you think your plants deserve RediRoot?

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