The Best Fabric Grow Bags For Your Plants

About Spring Pot

Choose the fabric pot that hobby and professional growers alike use to improve root systems and grow bigger, healthier, more fruitful plants.

Fabric Pots & Air Pruning Pots Designed for Increased Yield

The best fabric pots online Spring Pot, Fabric Burner & Sequoia Tree Pots. The ONLY grow bags available that maintain a rigid structure whether filled or empty.

This means easy watering, less stress on the plant when moved, and quicker transplant times as filling requires no more than one person instead of several people, allowing others to handle additional work in the garden. This is also the exclusive home of the Fabric Burner Pot by Spring Pot, the premier grow bag and preferred choice of commercial growers across the country due to its superior quality, low price and proven effectiveness.

What Makes Spring Pot the Best Fabric Pots on The Market?

Most growers looking to maximize quality and yield choose fabric pots, which naturally air-prune the plant’s roots and create more root surface area so the plant can absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. Naturally, this produces healthier plants that yield more flowers. If you haven’t switched yet, try ours first, then you won’t need to look for us later. We understand what’s required from experience, so our pots are superior on purpose. Our mission is and has always been to produce the best fabric pots on the market.

  • Superior Quality Fabric and Design – Our Pot is Stronger!®
  • Save Money – No more wasting of water, soil, or lost production from using flimsy, inferior fabric pots.
  • Increased Crop Value – As yield increases over the same area, crops become more profitable.
  • Convenient Cultivation – Super-reinforced handles on all sizes 3-25gallon.
  • Shelf Appeal – Color coded for easy identification makes retail shelves easy to organize saving employee time and labor.

The health of a plant depends on the health of its root system. In a solid container, the plants’ primary roots will begin to circle around the pot once they reach the side walls. This root circling informs the plant that it is in a confined space which limits growth and ultimately it will become root-bound and stop growing. The Spring Pot’s fabric allows air from the outside of the container to enter the root zone. The primary root tips stop growing or are “air-pruned” and begin to grow many secondary roots. These secondary roots are also air pruned producing a much more fibrous root structure that has more surface area to maximize uptake of moisture and nutrients. The plant in a Spring Pot will have roots that never circle and will have a greater root mass than a plant grown in the same sized solid container.

Spring Pots are ideal for indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, hydroponics, erosion control, tree farming, major agriculture and home gardens.

In addition, Spring Pots are great for any urban gardening application such as patios, parking lots, vertical gardens, roof gardens, sculpture gardens or any other area not supporting regular gardening.

Spring Pot Gallon SizeVolume in Cubic YardsVolume in Cubic Feet

Download the Spring Pot catalog in PDF format.

Which Spring Pot is right for you?

Various sizes of the classic Spring Pot Fabric Pot

Spring Pots are constructed with an internal plastic coated spring that pops up, making it the first fabric container available that can hold open its shape. Be it a 10 gallon grow bag or less, it is fully collapsible for easy storage, fully washable and reusable and come standard with handles.

Spring Pots’ patent pending rigid shape reduces damage to plants and roots when moved and will not fold over when watering or filling. It’s much easier and faster to fill Spring Pots than other fabric pots.

They are available in black with colored stitching from 2 gallon to 15 gallons. Varied color stitching also makes them easier to identify and differentiate between sizes.

1 – 400 Gallon Grow Bags – Great For Raised Bed Gardening

Sequoia Spring Pots are the only fabric grow pots in the market to stand up by themselves making filling a safe one-person / one-loader job.

Sequoias’ rigidity is achieved by an internal rigid upper rim and fiberglass poles that can be inserted vertically giving the pots sidewall support.

The rigid upper rim of the Sequoia means no more rim flop-over like our competition, limiting wasted water and nutrients and saving you money from filling to harvest. Sequoias’ tan fabric offer superior UV protection, aerate root structure and release harmful heat from the root zone.

Every Sequoia has upper Velcro tie-down straps to tie down branches, hold irrigation lines or stakes in place. When not in use, Sequoias twist and fold down flat to ⅓ diameter for easy storage.

Variety of Fabric Pots by Spring Pot

1-400 Gallon Highest Quality Fabric Pots

Fabric Burner Pots or ‘Burners’ are quickly becoming the number one fabric grow bag choice for hobby and commercial growers across the US looking for a grow bag that aerates the root zone and air-prunes roots for faster plant growth and higher harvest yields.

Made from a superior quality fabric, Burners offer a less floppy alternative to the leading fabric grow bag at a fraction of the price. It’s hand-crafted quality you would expect from a Spring Pot but without the spring.

These 1-400 gallon smart gallon pots are designed to endure washing and reuse however they’re offered at a price that may make recycling a more economical option. Handles come standard on all Fabric Burner Pots 25 gallons and down.

Burners are available in black and tan with size-specific, color-coded stitching for easy identification. Multi-packs are vacuum sealed to minimize storage space, as well.

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