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Payback in one harvest

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Under Canopy Lighting
Boost and Infinity lights produce high quality buds on the lower branches that are typically trimmed away.

By developing the buds on the lower branches, growers typically see a production yield increase of more than 10%.

Payback in one harvest 

Boost and Infinity lights have consistently demonstrated yield increases of more than 10% for growers when used in an under canopy configuration.

Increase Production Yields
More than 10% higher yield growers.

Fast Payback
Lights and installation pay for themselves with the first harvest

Patent Pending
Revolutionary growing method has patents in progress.

Increase Oil Concentrations
Multiple percentage increases for both lower and upper canopy

Easy to Install
Simple UL listed mounting and electrical connections.

Waterproof and Dust-proof
Safe to clean with a high-pressure water-jet.


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