GHF Bio Nutrient Calculator

Chart Name
Soil Volume Units
US Gallons
Nursery Gallons
Nutrient Concentration
Heavy Feeders
Average Feeders
Light Feeders &
pre-fertilized substrate
Veg Duration
1 - 4 Weeks
5 - 8 Weeks
9 - 12 Weeks
Bloom Duration
8 Weeks
10 Weeks
12 Weeks
Young Plants & Rooted ClonesVegetativeFlowering
# of plants
US Gallon Containers
# of plants
US Gallon Containers
# of plants
US Gallon Containers
7.5 grams per container
1.5 Kg total
Mix into Substrate
75 grams per container
7.5 Kg total
Mix into Substrate
300 grams per container
75 Kg total
First Application
Mix into Substrate
Media Drench Every 2 Weeks
0.1 US Gallons per plant
20 US Gallons total
0.3 grams per plant
60 g total per application
0.5 US Gallons per plant
50 US Gallons total
1.5 grams per plant
150 g total per application
2 US Gallons per plant
500 US Gallons total
6 grams per plant
1.5 Kg total per application

Your Custom Bio Nutrient Chart

FormulaBio GrowBio Bloom
Container Size1 US Gallons5 US Gallons20 US Gallons
Week--Week 1Week 3Week 5Week 7Week 1Week 3Week 5Week 7
Each Plant------------------
Total Applied------------------
Bio Enhancer
Media Drench in US Gallons
Solution per Plant
Total Solution
Dose per Plant------------------
Total Applied------------------

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