Author: Theodore Mangi

Theodore Mangi
Theo is a former educator who is passionate about getting nutritious food to urban school children. When he is not digging holes in the back yard or germinating a new tray of seedlings, you can find Theo with his wife snuggling, amongst a pile of notebooks and cats.
Spider Mite Close up photo
Pests & Pathogens

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites

Many garden pests seem loud and proud about the damage they do. Shiny Japanese beetles shamelessly munch your roses in broad daylight; corn borer larvae

How to repot plants

How to Repot Plants

Repotting a plant is a momentous occasion. If you’ve grown it from seed, it validates your ability and effort; if you bring it home pre-potted,

How to use fabric grow pots

How to Use Fabric Grow Bags

Fabric grow bags are quickly becoming the preferred plant container for gardeners big and small. The switch to fabric  bags began with Dutch arborists in


What is Air Pruning?

Perhaps you have a neighbor growing tomatoes in a bag hanging from her porch rail. Maybe a friend shares with you a Pinterest board of

The fastest way to root clones

The Fastest Way to Root Clones

We all love plants, and happily devote our time and energy to nurture them. Be it for their beauty, their nutrition, or their commercial value,