How to Repot Plants

Repotting a plant is a momentous occasion. If you’ve grown it from seed, it validates your ability and effort; if you bring it home pre-potted, it’s a statement of care. For experienced gardeners, repotting a long-loved houseplant can evoke memories. Repotting is a skill that you may not get to practice often, and the price… Continue reading How to Repot Plants

How to Use Fabric Grow Bags

Fabric grow bags are quickly becoming the preferred plant container for gardeners big and small. The switch to fabric  bags began with Dutch arborists in the late 19th Century, but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the idea took off in North America. Since then, growers have flocked to the concept for its unique advantages… Continue reading How to Use Fabric Grow Bags

What is Air Pruning?

Perhaps you have a neighbor growing tomatoes in a bag hanging from her porch rail. Maybe a friend shares with you a Pinterest board of gardens erupting from 5-gallon buckets that look like Swiss cheese. Or it could be that while looking for ways to grow more, you keep seeing these new containers covered in… Continue reading What is Air Pruning?

The Fastest Way to Root Clones

We all love plants, and happily devote our time and energy to nurture them. Be it for their beauty, their nutrition, or their commercial value, growers are always looking to increase the size of their gardens. But the expense of buying new plants adds up quickly, and for some growers, the initial investment for several… Continue reading The Fastest Way to Root Clones

The Best Organic Bloom Booster

You’re in bloom, staring at healthy, green plants and wondering, “Where are all the flowers!?” Does this sound familiar? After all, you gave your plants the best environment, nutrients, and irrigation to treat them better than you treat yourself, but they’re still missing big buds! Sounds like we need to talk about getting you on… Continue reading The Best Organic Bloom Booster

What Stimulates Root Growth?

If you want to grow bigger and healthier plants, it’s essential to learn what stimulates root growth. Roots not only anchor plants in place, but they also help plants take up water and nutrients. Sure, plants will grow roots on their own. But you can boost root and plant health to another level by using… Continue reading What Stimulates Root Growth?

Best Way to Clean a Grow Room

If you’re wondering what’s the best way to clean a grow room, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together information to help you choose the right product to clean your grow room.