Grow Lights

Diagnosing Plant Problems

No matter how much time and care you put into keeping your plants healthy and keeping your grow room clean, it’s always good to know

LED rack growing plants, vegetables, Uniform Light and proximity to leaves

Grow Light Uniformity

You probably know that plants require light to live and grow, but have you thought about grow light uniformity and other aspects of lighting? While

Grow room glasses in action

Grow Room Glasses

When you’re growing with artificial lighting, it’s important to protect your eyes with grow room glasses. Much like sunglasses, grow room glasses act as a

CMH vs LED : Which is Best?

Manufacturers of both LEDs and CMH grow lights claim to produce the best plants, but which really works best for your situation? Let’s take CMH

Reflector Maintenance

As any grower can testify, light directly affects yield. Reflector maintenance is an essential part of the overall light output of your grow lights!  You’ve