Diagnosing Plant Problems

No matter how much time and care you put into keeping your plants healthy and keeping your grow room clean, it’s always good to know the basics of diagnosing plant problems. If you catch your plant problems early and figure out what’s causing them, you can save your plants from any serious harm. One of… Continue reading Diagnosing Plant Problems

Hydroponic Supplies Wholesale: A Guide for Buyers

If you run a hydroponic growing operation or a hydroponic supply store, it’s worth exploring buying your hydroponic supplies wholesale. Buying from a wholesale supplier provides a number of advantages including decreased costs, expert advice, and quality distribution networks. As a hydroponic distributor, Global Garden offers buyers quality products, prices, and service. Along with this,… Continue reading Hydroponic Supplies Wholesale: A Guide for Buyers

Vapor Pressure Deficit

VPD Affects Plant Growth in a Big Way Vapor Pressure Deficit sounds like a super complicated growing term at first for most growers. But we’ll make it easy to understand what VPD means and why it’s so important to growing healthy plants. Hint: It’s extremely important! Before we even get into what VPD means, we… Continue reading Vapor Pressure Deficit

Grow Room Control: Temperature, Humidity, VPD, and more

Grow room control gives you, the aspiring master grower, probably the single biggest advantage to growing indoors. It produces consistent results from your crops, predictable schedules, and happy customers. That’s because you control everything, you create the weather, you are not subject to external forces like conventional farmers.  Or at least you should!  Of course,… Continue reading Grow Room Control: Temperature, Humidity, VPD, and more