What are Organic Nutrients

The word “Organic” can mean a few different things. If you’re like me, you might be wondering what are organic nutrients and why are they important for my garden? And which meaning of organic am I looking for? Are we talking about nutrients that contain carbon compounds, nutrients in general that occur naturally, or maybe… Continue reading What are Organic Nutrients

The Best Organic Bloom Booster

You’re in bloom, staring at healthy, green plants and wondering, “Where are all the flowers!?” Does this sound familiar? After all, you gave your plants the best environment, nutrients, and irrigation to treat them better than you treat yourself, but they’re still missing big buds! Sounds like we need to talk about getting you on… Continue reading The Best Organic Bloom Booster

Diagnosing Plant Problems

No matter how much time and care you put into keeping your plants healthy and keeping your grow room clean, it’s always good to know the basics of diagnosing plant problems. If you catch your plant problems early and figure out what’s causing them, you can save your plants from any serious harm. One of… Continue reading Diagnosing Plant Problems

What Stimulates Root Growth?

If you want to grow bigger and healthier plants, it’s essential to learn what stimulates root growth. Roots not only anchor plants in place, but they also help plants take up water and nutrients. Sure, plants will grow roots on their own. But you can boost root and plant health to another level by using… Continue reading What Stimulates Root Growth?

All About Microbes and Plants

When you’re growing plants, it’s important to consider how microbes impact soil and plant health. While these small organisms are often invisible to the naked eye, they have visible impacts on plant growth and vigor. Certain types of bacteria and fungi play a big role in soil/media health. Therefore, they largely impact plant health in… Continue reading All About Microbes and Plants

Silicic Acid

Let’s dive into Silicon and Silicic Acid and all the ways it can help your plants grow better! We’ll discuss some the added growth, how to use it, and other, near magical, properties of silicic acid.