DimLux VPD Package

You can purchase this item through Global Garden by calling 310-362-0550 or you can visit www.directgardensupply.com and purchase online.

The DimLux VPD package is specifically set up for logging the Vapor Pressure Deficit levels in your grow room over time. It will take the temperature and humidity of the air, and the temperature of the plants. This system works will work for you even if you’re using another companies grow lights, but it’s even better if you’re using DimLux grow lights.


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DimLux VPD Package$1,019.80

Introducing the complete Vapor Pressure Deficit package, exclusively from DimLux.

As they say, information is King. DimLux gives you access to see your grow room’s VPD over time by combining the Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Plant Temperature Camera, and Maxi Controller with Datalogger.

All the information is stored on a convenient USB thumb drive. Just use the DimLux software to review the information on your computer.

Gone are the days of manually taking measurements, and logging the data manually. With this you’ll be able to start seeing fluctuations in the grow room that were practically invisible before.

It will take measurements periodically, with the lights on or the lights off.

And that means you’ll start to understand the different forces that are affecting your grow room’s environment.

With this information you’ll be able to make the adjustments necessary to create the absolute best growing environment.



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