RediRoot Aeration Propagation Tray

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  • Reduces and often eliminates circling roots
  • Airflow allows growing medium to dry evenly reducing wet spots
  • Increases yield
  • Produces a dense, fibrous root structure
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Made from recycled materials
  • BPA-free and UV resistant
  • Suitable for automation
  • Fits most 10×20 accessories
  • Sizes Available: 32 Cell & 18 Cell


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Name RediRoot Propagation Part Number SRPWishlist
RediRoot Aeration Propagation Tray32 CellGG-650069$8.40
RediRoot Aeration Propagation Tray18 CellGG-650070$8.75

RediRoot’s Aeration Propagation 10×20 Tray features a design very similar to RediRoot Plastic Aeration Containers. This design reduces circling roots and provides an ideal environment for air root pruning to occur.

Air root pruning is a process where a plant’s roots are pruned as they grow rather than when they are transplanted. This is especially important during the propagation phase since once a plant’s roots begin to circle they do not stop.

RediRoot propagation features feature 360-degree air-pruning helping you get the most from your plants and trees. RediRoot has a variety of additional benefits including:

Manufacturing Specifications
Color: Black
Materials: Plastic made with polypropylene #05, UV protectant, and elastomer (for longevity).
Made in China”

RediRoot Propagation32 Cell
Weight1.75 lbs
Dimensions21.25 × 10.75 × 4.00 in
RediRoot Propagation18 Cell
Weight1.57 lbs
Dimensions21.25 × 10.75 × 5.06 in


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