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The LED Grow Book by Christopher Sloper


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After the amazing success of the first two editions, author Christopher Sloper has done it again with the publication of the third edition of The LED Grow Book. He offers his latest tips and tricks for both the hobby and commercial grower. The LED Grow Book: Third Edition will assist any grower, commercial or hobbyist, in making the proper LED grow light selection for their needs.

Contents Include:
Chapter 1: Lighting Defined
Chapter 2: Why LED Grow Lights?
Chapter 3: Plants and Photons
Chapter 4: LED Grow Lights
Chapter 5: Growing with LEDs
Chapter 6: The Grow Space
Chapter 7: Grow Systems
Chapter 8: How to Feed Plants
Chapter 9: What to Feed Plants
Chapter 10: Pest Prevention

The Third Edition also expands on: Debunking the concept of perfect light spectrum New thoughts on the Emerson Enhancement Effect Proper use of UV in the grow room Defining how high light levels are deployed A detailed discussion on heat Understanding the economics of LED grow lights Using LED grow lights to drive both photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis.

About the Author
Christopher Sloper began his gardening career at 10 years old when he moved into a new house that had a suitable space for an outdoor garden. Although barely strong enough to use a shovel, he worked the soil until plants would grow. Sloper’s indoor gardening career began during his undergraduate studies. With a lack of gardening space, but a desire for his own home-grown, he turned to hydroponics. Ultimately this led to Sloper’s ownership of two hydroponic shops and a cultivation consulting practice through which he has designed and/or operated dozens of grow facilities with a focus on automation and harvest consistency. His main goal is to properly educate growers and cut through the inaccuracies often found within the indoor gardening community. With a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and an MBA, Sloper is not only an outstanding grower but he can also develop a brand, sell the harvest and most importantly, know how much profit was generated. He understands what is important to the grower, because he is one!

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1 review for The LED Grow Book by Christopher Sloper

  1. Glen Johnson


    Whether you are a total beginner or a 20-year veteran, this book has something for everyone, with a lot of really well-done simplified explanations of super complicated topics.

    When I first started out in cannabis I read every book on the market, so I actually have a good deal of data to base it on when I say, This one is my favorite.

    Just looking at the title, you can certainly guess that it’s going to be focused on how to use LED lights in your grow, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll get out of this book.

    One of my absolute favorite things about this book is that it was created by a scientist that also has a deep understanding and long history of growing cannabis. It’s not purely hypothetical science, but it’s also absolutely NOT filled with a bunch of ancient dogma.

    In this book, Christopher Sloper dives into things that are actually valuable to know, and it goes into extremely precise explanations of how plants function, with a high level of scientific detail and accuracy.

    If I could pick just one grow book to have in my library…. this is it.

    PS. this is my first and only book review.

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