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Bionova Silution Mono-Silicic Acid

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Silution Mono-Silicic Acid is the MOST STABLE and PLANT AVAILABLE SILICA in the world. Most other MSAs on the market are unstable formulas that gel up over time making them unusable and unavailable for plant absorption.

Bionova Silution is stabilized with a water soluble derivative of humic acid that keeps the formula in its liquid state, making it 100% PLANT AVAILABLE. This humic acid derivative also provides exceptional nutrient absorbability for your plants.

Gloved hand pouring Silution into beaker

What the heck is a “water soluble derivative of humic acid?”

An excellent question. The short answer is… we can’t tell you. Not because we don’t want to. But some US states won’t allow us to use specific words to describe this product. It’s a registration thing. What we CAN tell you is this particular mineral ingredient is sourced from the best mine in the world, is directly responsible for stabilizing the Silution formula, and it plays an essential role in exponentially increasing nutrient absorption. (…it rhymes with shmulvic acid)

You won’t need to look very hard to find out what this ingredient is. Check out this article to read more about stabilized mono-silicic acid.


Mono-Silicic Acid is a compound chain of silica, oxygen, and hydrogen molecules that can be easily absorbed by plants. MSA also aids in the uptake of other minerals and nutrients helping your plants achieve optimum health.

OK… But my plants are already healthy. Why do I need to add this?

Healthy plants are great! Stronger, healthier plants are better. Here’s why:


Things can go wrong in your garden. Lights can fail, infestations can happen, temperatures can unexpectedly fluctuate. And all of these factors can have an adverse effect on your crop.

Bionova Silution can help minimize those effects by INCREASING PLANTS’ RESISTANCE TO ENVIRONMENTAL STRESSORS.


Studies have shown that plant absorbed silica is stored within the cell walls acting as a stabilizer between the cells. Think of it like the mortar between bricks in a brick wall.

This storage method is directly responsible for the THICKENING AND STRENGTHENING OF PLANT STALKS, STEMS, AND LEAVES.


Thicker, stronger stalks and stems can support more weight. And since Silution increases nutrient absorption, your plants are likely to GROW BIGGER BUDS. And those bigger stalks and branches are going to be able to support that extra weight with no issues.

Which means you will YIELD MORE FLOWER during harvest.



When using Silution in irrigation systems, first add water to your reservoir followed by the proper dosage of Silution. Mix well. After Silution has been thoroughly mixed, you may add in other fertilizers and additives as directed.


When using Silution as a foliar spray, begin use at the start of the vegetative stage and continue through the end of the bloom stage. Spray weekly to help promote greater internode quantities (resulting in higher yields!)


Use Bionova Silution as a foliar feed every 10 days on seedlings, clones, and mother plants to strengthen plant tissue and help prevent disease from high humidity greenhouse conditions.

Before taking clones from a mother plant, use Bionova Silution as a foliar feed to help strengthen plant cells and tissue and promote faster root growth on cuttings.



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7 reviews for Bionova Silution Mono-Silicic Acid

  1. Luke D

    Man I love this stuff! I’ve been using PowerSi for years. But when I tried a sample of Solution I was surprised to see the difference. My girls are stronger and perkier than ever. PowerSi who?

  2. Christopher M

    Where has this been my whole life? Seriously. I don’t stake my plants. No trellis. I don’t need to. Silution makes ’em hearty. Better than anything else I’ve tried so far.

  3. Beverly H

    My grandson has been helping me in my garden and brought some of this over to feed to my tomatoes. I don’t normally like to add any kinds of fertilizers or extra products to my garden. I like to let mother nature handle it. And my compost really helps. But my grandson convinced me to try this and I’m glad he did. I usually pick my tomoatoes a little early because the plants start drooping to the ground before they can get much bigger. But after my grandson added Siluton to my plants I was able to give them several more days to grow and ripen before I needed to pick. The branches got sturdier and I got bigger tomatoes. I will keep buying this.

  4. Callie T

    OK – I don’t usually write reviews, but I can’t not write one for this product! If you are on the fence about trying this, let this review be your sign to click that add-to-cart button! I never knew how much adding a mono-silicic acid to my plants would help… but hooooo-doggy!!! Ya’ll. When I tell you I had a hard time trimming the branches because they were so strong, I’m dead serious. And my girls really seemed to love it! They budded out bigger than they’ve ever done before and the only thing I changed during this cycle was adding Silution. Then I high-tailed it to my laptop to write this review! LOL! Everyone needs this in their lives. Buy it. You will not regret it!

  5. Tim

    I typically grow plants with 4 main branches. The first time I ran Solution I took my usual trimmers and went to cut one of them off. The branches were so strong that my trimmers broke in half… seriously. I had to get out my rose pruners to make it through the stalks. I use to stake my plants to support them and now that is a thing of the past (anyone want a whole bunch of bamboo stakes?). In addition to increasing the flower size, it seems to increase the shelf life of the final product by a bunch. Try it… you will never go back!

  6. C D Jones

    This is my first grow and I’m elated to share how easy this product is to use and how incredibly powerful it seems to be in regards to building massive strength in the plants. I’m growing vegetables in a tent and have transferred them to my field here in Oklahoma and the plants had no problems adjusting to the outdoors. I know it’s in part because the strength the plants get from this silica. My squash are un-squashable, my broccoli and cauliflower seem to be able to withstand these high winds without sweating. I have a second round in the tent and they are responding amazingly well even after I tried to kill them. I think the SiLution helps to make growing dummy proof. It gives your plants strength and resilience in supporting weight and in staving off hungry bugs that want to chew them down.

    My 5 “girls” are strong and I have yet to transport them out of their solo dixie cups. Did I say I was a first-time grower? This product allows newbies to be a little careless due to ignorance AND be re-assured due to the exceptional quality of SiLution driving into the plant which loves having it.

    Oklahoma bugs be warned. You will tire before destroying plants with SiLution in it!

  7. Alfred Watson

    Look this stuff works better than any silica additive that I’ve ever used. My plants are full of bud and I haven’t have any bent or broken stems. Thanks Global Garden, Bionova and Chuck.

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