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Bionova Ca 15 Calcium Mineral Additive

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Bionova Ca 15 is a food grade mineral additive containing 15% calcium. This additive should be applied when deficiencies occur and/or to strengthen cell walls. Calcium plays an important role in stabilizing cell walls, ion-reactions within plants, influencing growth hormones and controlling the transportation of nutrients and water in your plant.

Calcium deficiency is often seen in climates with high humidity or grow rooms with low air circulation.

A deficiency of calcium leads to softened cell walls which manifests itself immediately in an increased sensitivity to fungi and the dying off of young leaves and growth points.

An excess of calcium can also occur which manifests as brown spots on leaves.

Suitable for cultivation methods:

Recommended Dosage:

Application in Irrigation
In areas with soft water add to Supermixes 1-1.5 ml per gallon of water.
When using Reverse Osmosis Water add 1-3 ml per gallon of water.
A dosage of 1:1000 increases the amount of Ca by 3.2 mmol.

Application as foliar spray
2-4 ml per gallon of water

Ca 15 can be used with all Bionova products and can be applied as a soil drench/irrigation or foliar spray.


  • When yellowing with brown round spots appear on leaves, it is a calcium (Ca) deficiency. Apply Ca 15 to help plants quickly recover from the nutritional shortage.
  • Use Ca 15 weekly during fruit/flower formation to prevent common physio pathologies like apical rot in tomatoes, bitter pitting of apple tree, fruit cracking and dried leafs in lettuce for example.
  • When growing in humid environments double the dosage of Ca 15 to strengthen plant tissues.
  • Use 3 times the normal dose of Ca 15 when using soft water or Reverse Osmosis Water.
  • To prep for healthier clone rooting, use Ca 15 to harden sprout tissue on mother plants just before cutting clones.
  • To produce healthy seeds after pollination, increase the dosage of Ca 15 together with MgO 10. Both products contain nitrogen which helps support sufficient nutrient uptake.
  • Mono-nutrients can be used for outdoor growing. After checking the soil and (irrigation) water, Bionova mono-nutrients should be used to adjust the nutrition elements to guarantee adequate amounts of available nutrients.


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