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Bionova Coco Forte A + B Base Nutrients

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Bionova Coco Forte A+B is the most cost-effective and simplest solution for cultivation on any cocofiber substrate. Due to the short buffering in coco substrates, this concentrated A+B combination is specifically formulated for the most effective absorption of necessary elements.

Coco Forte A + B contains all food grade minerals and trace elements for rapid growth and abundant flowering. Plants directly absorb food grade minerals which gives you optimal control of your plants.

Coco Forte A must be used in combination with Coco Forte B.


  • Developed specifically for the most effective absorption of the necessary elements
  • Optimal growth and flowering on cocofiber substrates!

Suitable for cultivation methods:

Recommended Dosage:

Coco Forte A+B should be used from week 1 of veg until 1 week before harvest. Flushing is mandatory.

3-7 ml per gallon.

Shake well and add 3-7 ml per gallon every time you prepare your nutrient solution. Use this solution every time you irrigate until 1 week before harvest.

Coco Forte can be used in conjunction with all Bionova products.

Click on the Feed Charts below for download:

Bionova Feed Chart for Coco Cultivation


  • Use to treat deficiencies: If the plants present deficiencies of nitrogen (N) calcium (Ca) magnesium (Mg) iron (Fe) or some other micro elements, apply only component A to the cultivation. Apply to roots and leafs for the quickest absorption to recover plants from the nutritional shortage.
  • If crops show deficiencies of phosphorus (P), potassium (K) or sulfur (S), apply component B as foliar spray.


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