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Bionova K 20 Potassium Mineral Additive

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Bionova K 20 is a food grade mineral additive containing 20% potassium. Using K 20 when needed will result in higher quality flower, improved firmness, and higher dry-weight content!

Potassium is the K in the nutrient N-P-K ratio and is crucial for every cultivation. Young plants have a high demand for potassium during maturation.

What does potassium do?

  • Maintains cell rigidity (turgor)
  • Regulates the opening and closing of stomata on leaves, so it plays a role in transpiration
  • Helps maintain favorable cell pH
  • Helps regulate ion movement through the cell membrane
  • Affects certain physical qualities of the cell, like viscosity
  • Increases water use efficiency
  • Enables phototropic and gravitropic reactions
  • Activates enzymes that affect membrane activity, which is significant for the transport of various substances, osmoregulation, cell elongation, and ion balance within the cell
  • Affects carbohydrate and protein metabolism
  • Improves plant’s resistance to drought and pathogen attacks
  • Plays a role in nitrate reduction and nitrogen metabolism
  • Affects photosynthesis and accelerates CO2 assimilation
  • Improves both the quality and quantity of end product

A potassium deficient plant will have a stocky appearance with short internodes. Younger leaves’ growth is inhibited, and they have small leaf blades. Leaves may also be dark to bluish-green or have a wavy appearance. Leaves may also exhibit chlorosis at the edges which develops into necrosis (death) in a later stage.

In case of an excess of potassium the plant will be curbed in its development and subsequently turn dark. An excess also hampers the absorption of other cations (Ca and Mg) which is caused by antagonistic effects.

Suitable for cultivation methods:

Recommended Dosage:

Application in Irrigation
As a supplement during the blooming period add 0.5-4 ml per gallon of nutrient solution.
A dosage of 1:1000 increases the total amount of K by 5 mmol.

K 20 can be used with all Bionova products and can be applied as a soil drench/irrigation.


  • If the plants look weak, the leaves turn yellow starting from the outer part and the vegetal tissue appears to be soft due to potassium (K) deficiency, apply component K 20 to the root or leaf to help plants quickly recover from the nutritional shortage.
  • When growing in humid environments double the dosage of K 20, to strengthen plant tissues. Also add or increase the dose of Bionova Ca 15 (Calcium).
  • Use Bionova K 20 to promote and increase the synthesis of sugars in fruits. This will result in a better taste, aroma and color.
  • Bionova K 20 prolongs the end product’s shelf life.
  • Use Bionova K 20 to strengthen sprout tissue on mother plants just before cutting clones to prepare for healthier rooting.
  • Mono-nutrients can be used for outdoor growing. After checking the soil and (irrigation) water, Bionova mono-nutrients should be used to adjust the nutrition elements to guarantee adequate amounts of available nutrients.


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