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Bionova Microlife Mycorrhiza Soil Enhancer


Bionova Microlife is packed full of essential soil organisms like mycorrhiza sp., Bacillus sp., yeasts and enzymes combined in an organic blend of algae, coco pellets, lime and compost. Microlife not only stimulates the growth of micro-organisms, it also stimulates the growth and flowering of all plants with the addition of a variety of trace elements and natural hormones. This unique composition enriches and stimulates soil life, which enhances soil structure, plant rooting, and the overall health of all plants.

In this enhanced environment, organic and inorganic soil particles blend optimally, creating a more efficient air/water economy. Nutrients are made more bio-available. Within a short period of time the effects are noticeable.

With this nice woodsy smelling, airy, soil mixture, you’ll create an environment in which any plant will show visible improvement in development. MICROLIFE organisms PUT THE SOUL BACK IN YOUR SOIL!


There are several microorganisms present in this product, working as antagonists with antibiotic impact: Penicillium, Trichoderma and Aspergillus fungi. In addition, there are Actinobacteria of the genus Streptomyces as well as nitrogen binding bacteria of the Azotobacter strain. The amino acid, glycine, and small amounts of Vitamins C, B1 and E are also present. Bionova also included clay minerals and algae – both are good resources for a large variety of trace elements which are needed for the healthy development of soil life and plants.

Suitable for cultivation methods:

Recommended Dosage:

Microlife can be used from week 1 of veg through harvest.

1 – 2 kg per m³ potting soil or per 25 m², depending on soil quality.
Repetition while changing crops: 1 kg per m³ potting soil. Work the product in well.

Microlife can be used with all Bionova products.


Using Bionova Microlife will produce high yield crops with fewer illnesses, decreased root problems (if any) and much higher resistance to stressors; which will in turn prevent plant shock and loss. Plant photosensitivity will also increase resulting in higher yields – especially for crops grown with artificial light.

    Required time 2-6 hours with an air pump in the water. Use chlorine-free water or in case of tap water let it bubble for about two hours. Then add Bionova Microlife with a dosage of 10 gr / liter of water. Use the tea within 2 hours of completing the brew.
    Prep/soak your seeds as normal. In a separate container, grind the Bionova Microlife pellets into a powder. Add your prepped seeds and mix carefully making sure to fully cover the seed surface.
    To promote faster root growth and prevent stress before transplanting, grind the Bionova Microlife pellets into a powder and dip clone/seedling roots into the powder. Confirm the product has remained on the root, then plant the clone/seedling as normal making sure to moisten the soil afterwards.

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