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Bionova Micromix Mineral Additive

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Bionova Micromix is a combination of trace elements. These trace elements are indispensable for a great number of biological processes. A deficiency of trace elements will cause the plant’s vital functions to fail. Because trace elements can no longer be transported to new growth, young leaves will show signs of stress and yellowing. Micromix can solve this problem! The minerals in Micromix are plant available across all pH ranges.


  • If the plants present deficiencies of some other micro elements, applying Bionova Micromix by root or leaf will help plants quickly recover from nutritional shortages.
  • Bionova Micromix chelated micro-elements are directly absorbable and available for plants in any pH range of irrigation water.
  • Most micro-elements are present in outdoor fields and potting soils, but are not completely plant available. Using Micromix ensures the correct amount of micro-elements are available to help maintain optimum plant health. Micromix can help you achieve more consistent and bigger yields.
  • When re-using your soil increasing trace element proportions is highly important.

Micromix contains:

  • 0.36% Fe (iron HEEDTA)
  • 0.08% Mn (manganese EDTA)
  • 0.4% Bo (boron monohydrate)
  • 0.09% Zn (zinc EDTA)
  • 0.06% Mo (sodium molybdate)

Suitable for cultivation methods:

When should I use Micromix?:

Bionova Micromix should be applied when deficiencies occur and when reusing potting soil.

Recommended Dosage:

Application in Irrigation: 1-2 ml per gallon
Application as Foliar Spray: 2-4 ml per gallon of water

A 1:1000 dosage of Micromix increases total element amounts as follows:

  • Fe +100 μmol
  • Mn +25 μmol
  • Bo +140 μmol
  • Zn +16 μmol
  • Mo +5 μmol

Click on the Feed Charts below for download:
Bionova Feed Chart for Soil Cultivation
Bionova Feed Chart for Coco Cultivation
Bionova Feed Chart for Hydro Cultivation



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