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Bionova N 27 Nitrogen Mineral Additive

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Bionova N 27 is a very powerful liquid nitrogen fertilizer enriched with magnesium. It is a food grade mineral additive containing 27% nitrogen and free of chlorides.

N 27 must be used when a deficiency in nitrogen occurs or when you want to boost vegetative growth.

The importance of nitrogen is well-known for most cultivators. Nitrogen is, quantitatively speaking, the most important plant nutrient as it is the primary substance of proteins (amino acids) and chlorophyll. It also plays a significant role in plant osmosis regulation.

A deficiency of nitrogen manifests itself in the yellowing of the biggest leaves and premature blooming. An excess of nitrogen results in dark green leaves and slower growth.

Suitable for cultivation methods:

Recommended Dosage:

Application in Irrigation
In case of severe nitrogen deficiency add a max. of 4 ml per gallon of water.
As a supplement during the growth period add 1-4 ml per gallon of water.
A dosage of 1:1000 increases the total amount of N by 16.5 mmol and 0.3 mmol Mg.

Application as Foliar Spray
2-4 ml per gallon

N 27 can be used with all Bionova products and can be applied as a soil drench or foliar spray.


  • Use Bionova N 27 to treat deficiencies. When the first fan-leaves are turning yellow, it means that the plant has a nitrogen (N) deficiency or some other micro-element deficiency as Iron (Fe) for example. To treat this deficiency apply N 27 to the root or leaf to help plants quickly recover from the nutritional shortage.
  • A good ratio between elements (N-P-K) is 1.5 – 1 – 2. You can modify the feed chart as you desire. When using a higher level of nitrogen, increase calcium (Ca) and potassium (K) for stronger plant tissue development.
  • Mono-nutrients can be used for outdoor growing. After checking the soil and (irrigation) water, Bionova mono-nutrients should be used to adjust the nutrition elements to guarantee adequate amounts of available nutrients.


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