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Bionova Roots – Root Growth Stimulator

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Roots is one of the first established Bionova products, developed with extensive research on root development and reinforcement. This product has been researched and fabricated with several European horticultural companies and universities worldwide.

Roots originated in the 1990s when Bionova teamed with a university in the USA to develop the first organic root stimulator. Bionova Roots would be an asset to any cultivation. The formula is pristine. Bionova understands, however, that industry standards are fluid. With that in mind, Bionova consistently works to improve their products.


  • Due to its high concentration (1:1000) Bionova Roots is the most efficient root stimulator on the market
  • Using a root stimulator is crucial for rapid root development in young plants.
  • Bionova Roots helps young plants develop more root hairs thus increasing nutrient absorption.
  • The resulting expansive roots system gives plants more resilience against outside stressors.

Suitable for cultivation methods:

Recommended Dosage:

Roots should be used for the first 3 weeks of the growth cycle. Start with 3 ml per gallon and decrease by a half ml per week.

  • Week 1 = 3 ml per gallon
  • Week 2 = 2.5 ml per gallon
  • Week 3 = 2 ml per gallon

Click on the Feed Charts below for download:
Bionova Feed Chart for Soil Cultivation
Bionova Feed Chart for Coco Cultivation
Bionova Feed Chart for Hydro Cultivation


  • The root system of a plant is where essential nutrients are absorbed and distributed to the rest of the plant. Indoor horticulturists who focus their energy on promoting and maintaining a healthy root system are more likely to have less problems and larger yields each grow cycle.


  • Humic Acid
  • Kelp
    • Helps germinate seeds quicker
    • High levels of cytokinin (class of plant hormones that promote cell division, or cytokinesis, in plant roots and shoots)
    • Reduces stress when taking cuttings
    • Encourages faster and more expansive rooting
    • Helps build plant’s immune system
    • Adds more color and flavor
    • Provides a longer shelf life
    • Produces more and larger buds and flowers
    • Helpful in counteracting nutrient deficiencies
    • Helps fight off insects and disease
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
    • L-Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is as essential to plants as it is to animals. Ascorbic acid functions as a major redox buffer and as a cofactor for enzymes involved in regulating photosynthesis, hormone biosynthesis, and regenerating other antioxidants.
    • It has proposed functions in photosynthesis as an enzyme cofactor (including synthesis of ethylene, gibberellins and anthocyanins) and in control of cell growth.
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B)
    • In plants, thiamine is known to have its role as a cofactor for important metabolic activities. This vitamin is known to be an essential regulator that plays an important role in a plant’s primary regulatory system.
    • Thiamine also plays and essential role in plant protection acting as a response molecule towards abiotic and biotic stresses.


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1 review for Bionova Roots – Root Growth Stimulator

  1. Alfred Watson

    Great products, my garden, I almost gave up on until talking to Global Garden. Now my garden is bigger and healthier than ever. Thanks Bionova, Global Garden, and Chuck. Look these products are all natural and work!!!! I’m a grower,and this stuff works!!!

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