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Bionova Vitasol Stimulator and Sweetener

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Bionova Vitasol is a sweetener containing natural sugars, calcium, magnesium, copper, lime, potassium, vitamins, and a great number of vegan trace elements. Vitasol is extremely suitable as a converter of available nutrients. Especially in periods of high production and rapid growth (in the case of indoor crops) or in case of a stagnation in growth caused by a deficiency of nutrients, the use of Vitasol will provide more energy in flowering phases.


  • Sweetens the taste of any crop
  • 100% natural ingredients gives you the “Natural Candy”
  • Vitasol increases the uptake of sugars
  • It also gives flower an energy boost

Suitable for cultivation methods:

Recommended Dosage:

1.5-4 ml per gallon.

Shake well and add 1.5-4 ml per gallon every time you prepare your nutrient solution. Use this solution during every irrigation during the final weeks of flower. May be used with all Bionova products.

1st Application = 1.5 ml per gallon
2nd Application = 3 ml per gallon
3rd Application = 3 ml per gallon
4th Application = 4 ml per gallon
5th Application = 3 ml per gallon

Click on the Feed Charts below for download:
Bionova Feed Chart for Soil Cultivation
Bionova Feed Chart for Coco Cultivation
Bionova Feed Chart for Hydro Cultivation


  • Molasses helps to feed the microbes that already exist in the substrate. But you can add an extra punch to your preparation by adding rhizobacteria as well. This type of bacteria does a world of good by helping to free up nutrients and combating pathogens.


  • Potassium
    • Potassium regulates the opening and closing of stomata helping to regulate CO2 uptake thereby enhancing photosynthesis.
    • It triggers activation of important biochemical enzymes for the generation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP provides energy for other chemical and physiological processes such as excretion of waste materials in plants.
    • This mineral plays a role in osmoregulation of water and other salts in plant tissues and cells.
    • Potassium also facilitates protein and starch synthesis in plants.
    • It activates enzymes responsible for specific functions.
  • Amino Acids
    • Proline – an amino acid that helps protect the plant from stressors as well as aid in more rapid recovery from stress.
    • Glycine – often used for production of a wide range of aminochelate fertilizers
    • Hydroxyproline – providing structural integrity to mediating cell-cell interactions and communication.
    • Alanine – has important roles in plant physiology and metabolism, directly as a defense compound that enables plants to withstand various stresses such as hypoxia, waterlogging and drought, and indirectly as a precursor to the compounds vitamin B5 and coenzyme A, which are involved in a variety of functions.
    • Arginine – a major storage and transport form for organic nitrogen in plants
    • Lysine In addition to serving as a building block of proteins, lysine is also a precursor for glutamate, an important signaling amino acid that regulates plant growth and responses to the environment.
    • Glutamine – an effective nitrogen source for plant growth
  • Cane Molasses
    • Blackstrap molasses stimulates and encourages rapid plant growth and supplies the plant with iron, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, and some trace minerals. Molasses helps protect plants against diseases, pests, heat stress and cold damage.
    • What does molasses do for the soil? Adding molasses to soil has been shown to improve the bacterial health of the soil, thus allowing the plants to be more receptive to fertilizer and, in general, to be healthier.
  • Trace Elements
    • Boron – mainly involved in cell wall synthesis and structural integration.
    • Copper – required for many enzymatic activities in plants and for chlorophyll and seed production.
    • Iron – many of the vital functions of the plant, like enzyme and chlorophyll production, nitrogen fixing, and development and metabolism are all dependent on iron.
    • Manganese – a metal that is an essential cofactor for the oxygen-evolving complex (OEC) of the photosynthetic machinery, catalyzing the water-splitting reaction in photosystem II.
    • Zinc – helps the plant produce chlorophyll.


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2 reviews for Bionova Vitasol Stimulator and Sweetener

  1. Alfred Watson

    This has my plants smelling like candy, and sticky like candy too!!! This stuff is great, and it’s super concentrated so it goes a long way. If you want sweeter stickier fruits and buds, look no further. It’s great, the price is right and it works. Thanks Global Garden, Bionova, and Chuck.

  2. 1124watson1979

    Global Garden saved my garden. My buds smell like candy and are sticky. Before I started using Bionova my garden wasn’t that great but now it’s thriving. Thanks Global Garden. 5 🌟

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