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GHF Mineral Line Calcium

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This additive should be used in situations in which the amount of calcium present in the water is below the recommended values. Our Calcium is chelated by EDTA – This product is very stable and does not interact with other elements. Calcium is essential for growing a healthy crop. It strengthens the cell walls and structure of the plant.

Our chelated Calcium prevents and corrects deficiencies which are caused due to a lack of/or imbalance in the assimilation of Calcium.

Maximum Solubility: 2.5lb/gal ir 300g/L water
Recommended amount for stock solution: 12oz/gal or 90g/L water


  • R/O and very soft > Recommended Values
  • Soft > 50-80% of recommended values
  • Moderately Hard > 10-50% of recommended values
  • Hard Water > No Calcium required


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