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GHF Mineral Line Short Flower

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Plants with a short flowering time of 8 weeks or less need higher amounts of instantly available potassium, in the early stages, to produce more and heavier fruits and flowers in a shorter period of time.

Maximum Solubility: 1.3lb/gal or 160g/L water

Recommended amount for stock solution: 4oz/gal or 30g/L water

N-P-K-(Mg): 16-6-26-(2)

Guaranteed Analysis:
16% Total Nitrogen [N]
—– 11% Nitrogen Nitrate [NS]
—– 5% Ammoniacal Nitrogen [NA]
6% Available Phosphate [P2O5]
26% Soluble Potash [K2O]
2% Magnesium [Mg]

2.1% Sulfur [S]
—– 2.1% combined sulfur (S)
0.01% Soluble Boron [B]
0.1% Soluble Iron [Fe]
—– 0.1% chelated Iron (Fe)
0.05% Soluble Manganese [Mn]
—– 0.05% chelated Manganese (Mn)
0.002% Molybdenum [Mo]


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