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GrowMax Water Eco Grow 240 Filtration System


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The GrowMax Water Eco Grow 240 Two Stage Garden Water Filtration System filters up to 10,000 gallons of water. GrowMax Water Filtration Systems increase the effectiveness of your nutrients and fertilizers helping you grow healthier, higher-yielding plants, flowers, gardens, fruits, and vegetables.

Adding a GMW Filtration System to your garden will help strengthen plant roots and protect your soil’s beneficial bacteria. Simple set up and maintenance – easy to place and connect to your garden hose spigot, and straightforward replacement of our CleanGreen™ Carbon Block and MaxPur™ sediment filters.

  • Filter Bracket: Weather resistant powder coated steel bracket integrates with GMW mounting stake.
  • GMW Filter Housings: Double O-ring seals provide water-tight filter housings. UV-safe opaque housings prevent algae and bacteria growth.
  • FloCheck™ Regulator: Regulates water-to-filter contact time for optimum filtration.
  • Water Tubing Connections: Simply connect your hoses, and you are ready to grow!
  • MaxPur™ Sediment Filter: Removes sediment and other solids, extending the performance and life of the CleanGreen™ filter.
  • GMW CleanGreen™ Carbon Block Filter: GMW green carbon block filter significantly improves the water quality that your plants use to grow.


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