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HighDroGro HDG44 Grow Tent


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Ready to step up your game? The HDG44 is the perfect segue tent for hobbyists who are wanting to dive deeper into cultivation science. Perfect for pheno-hunting, breeding projects, or just growing a lot of big plants!

HighDroGro tents are designed with white powder coated, rust resistant steel frames, industrial heavy duty zippers (designed for light elimination), and a removable inner spill tray.

The tent fabric is made up of 3 Bonded Layers: (1) Outer Canvas w/ 600D Light Density, (2) Black PEVA Vinyl Center, and (3) Low Gloss White PEVA Vinyl Interior.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 4' x 4' x 6'5"
Pole Diameter: 19mm
# of Vents: 3 Velcro Sealed (3" x 14")
# of Ducting Ports: 5 (6" diam.)
# of Electrical Ports: 4 (3" diam.)
# of Doors: 3 (front and both sides)
# of Windows: 3 (front and both sides)

HighDroGro has carved out their place in the top tier grow tent arena. HDG Grow Tents are not the everyday run-of-the-mill, silver lined, looks-like-everyone-else’s grow tents. HDG listened to hobby and pro-growers and took their time with design to create this versatile, clean cut, highly functional line of grow tents. And they’ve taken the industry by storm!

What makes HighDroGro Grow Tents different from the rest?


HighDroGro is the first manufacturer to fit their grow tents with a muted white interior. And there is science behind that decision.

Most grow tents on the market have silver lined interior walls to aid in light reflectivity. The problem with the silver reflective material is that it creates hot spots of reflectivity, decreasing uniformity and potentially burning plants.

HDG’s textured white interiors help to solve this problem. Independent studies have shown that the interior of HDG tents is 7% more reflective than competing tent interiors, and provides 16% more light distribution uniformity helping to minimize hot spots.


HighDroGro has revamped grow tent design by creating the first 3 door + 3 window configuration (patent pending). The HDG44 and HDG55 models have full zip doors on three sides as well as windows on three sides increasing both ease of access and visibility.

Imagine not having to delicately maneuver around your plants to get to the ones in the back corner. Just unzip that side of the tent and BOOM! Easy access.

Ideal for hobby growers and super enthusiasts alike, this small footprint tent is the perfect fit for a bedroom, game room, or any living area. Easily take 4-6 plants from start to finish without overwhelming your space with a giant tent.

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1 review for HighDroGro HDG44 Grow Tent

  1. C D Jones

    I ordered this tent recommended to me by my Head Gardner who is teaching me how to be a grower of all things and he felt this size would be best for our purposes of growing vegetables for my outdoor plot.

    I’ve had this tent for a few months and I’m absolutely thrilled with its design. Full stop. It didn’t take long to set up, even when you’re the type of person who puts the directions back in the empty box without even studying it. It simply was easy to set up. Now my Head Gardner felt it best to put it into a corner and we ran it that way for almost a couple of months. I was like “don’t you think it would be easier if we pull it from the walls so we can uh, um, er, use the other two flipping doors to get to the plants more easily!!!!?” Well let’s just say, I’ve taken over the tent responsibilities and pulled the tent away and found Shangri-la. And WaLa! It was like a lightbulb went off in my head and I could understand the genius of a 3 door tent. I love this tent and I’m not even close to taking full advantage of all of its possibilities with the multiple ports for air flow and what not.

    I am considering coming up with a name for this tent as it is like a house guest who you want to over stay his visit in your living room. Even opening the tent vents has a satisfying sound of velcro unlocking their fibers letting you know it was a perfect seal where no light escapes or gets in without you wanting it to.

    My plants have been doing so well in it with no issues of powdery mold or mildew ever. Standing inside is like that scene from the Matrix when Neo is taken by Morpheus into the simulation blank slate. Every thing is bright white. Could that be good for reflectivity? I’m definitely taking the red pill with this tent!

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