DimLux Lighting: The most powerful, highest performing and efficient HID (HPS & CMH) light fixtures specifically designed for indoor cannabis cultivation. 

Green House Feeding: Powder nutrients with the purest inputs, formulated specifically for optimal plant yields. We offer both the Mineral line and Bio /Organics.

Gard’nCleanAs innovators in antimicrobial solutions, Gard’nClean brings you the world’s most versatile and user-friendly choice for surface disinfection, sanitization and space deodorization.

Organitek: Full-spectrum microbes unlock the total potential of your nutrients, increasing yields and growing bigger buds at a lower cost

Thrive Agritech: A modular LED system with unique remote phosphor (blue diode) technology offering highest CRI for Cloning, Veg and Flower.

Bio Nova: Since the beginning of the 1990s, Bio Nova has been known as a manufacturer of premium fertilizers for all growing and flowering plants.

HM Digital: World renowned manufacturers of a wide range of reliable water testing devices, pH, TDS, and more.

Spring Pot: The ONLY grow bags available that maintain a rigid structure whether filled or empty.

NeemTree Organics: Driven to promote the growth of organic market in the field of Neem and similar natural plant derived products.

Hydrospecs: Leading producer of radiation eyewear, these light technology specific glasses offer unparalleled eye protection for the grower. 

Linis Water: Commercial RO systems designed and built by experts with over 40 years experience in water treatment. 

BioRadiance: Light supplement of invisible wavelengths (not UV) that eliminate all pathogens, mildew and bacteria (esp. PM) while boosting photosynthesis and ATP production, improving yields.