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About Green House Feeding

Green House Feeding has the goal to provide cultivators globally with the highest quality plant nutrients. Enabling them to achieve unprecedented results by allowing their plants to develop to their full genetic potential.

Green House Feeding is not only creating highly efficient products but also simplifying the application of nutrients. 

Their mineral products are created in powder form which ensures they are easier to use, store, transport and have a longer shelf life than liquid plant nutrients. 

The main ingredients used to formulate our nutrients are sourced in Germany and Switzerland. These countries have some of the highest quality standards worldwide.

Green House Feeding Nutrients scoop of mineral / powdered nutrients

Our products do not contain PGR’s, impurities and have the lowest possible concentrations of heavy metals. 

Using only the highest quality minerals allows us to provide the purest, most efficient, highly concentrated nutrients in powder form while be ing able to guarantee 100% solubility.

Seriously. 100% solubility. Who else can claim that!? Check out this video we put on here to you see for yourself.

Green House Feeding mineral plant nutrients retain their EC & pH-value for at least one week after mixing. Highly concentrated stock solutions can even be kept for several months.

All Green House Feeding products are in compliance with CE regulations 889/2008 and 2003/2003.

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Green House Feeding Organic nutrients work with the soil food web to promote the bioavailability of nutrients to the plant through nature’s natural processes.  

Only the finest organic ingredients with the highest possible absorption rates are used in Green House Feeding products.

Green House Feeding Mineral Nutrients Line

Mineral Nutrient Instructions

  • The values in the following tables are calculated using water with EC 0.0
  • Hanna TDS (500ppm = 1.0 mS/cm)
  • The pH value may decrease depending on water quality and temperatures
  • When adding Calcium the PH values may increase depending on water quality and temperatures
  • Do not use CalMag with our mineral line. Calcium Nitrate is partly incompatible with Monopotassium Phosphate and Magnesium Sulfate and may result in formation of gypsum, clogging pipes or creating deficiencies
  • Our mineral plant nutrients do not contain calcium, which means that if you use very soft water, rainwater or osmotic water, calcium needs to be added
  • Keep the nutrient solution between 65 – 72 degrees F
  • Control the EC of the runoff and flush if it’s higher than EC 2.5 (1250ppm)
  • For best results maintain a pH value between:
    • Soil: 6.0 – 6.5
    • Hydro/Coco: 5.8 – 6.2
    • Rockwool: 5.5 – 6.0

Soil - Mineral Nutrient Schedules