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8 Key Considerations When Building a Backyard Greenhouse

Redfin – Aug 8, 2023

Embarking on the journey of building a backyard greenhouse opens the door to a world of cultivating plants, extending growing seasons, and connecting with nature. However, the success of this hinges on a series of thoughtful considerations that shape the functionality, sustainability, and overall effectiveness of your greenhouse.

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454 Bags Launches Full BioPlastic Line to Combat Plastic Waste

MMJ Daily – Apr 23, 2023

454 Bags has announced the launch of its full bioplastic line of cultivation supplies, including vacuum bags, drum liners, tote liners, and cannabis storage bags. The company aims to address the plastic waste crisis in the…

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Boost Your Terpenes and Optimize Your Feeding Process

Cision PR Newswire – Jan 24, 2023

Green House Feeding’s Booster PK+ is perfect for maximizing flavor and genetic expression, and the GHF Bio Line will meet the rest of your nutrient needs. Using the right combination of GHF products based on your growth stage will ensure…

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Why You Should be Using Gard’nClean in Your Grow

Cision PR Newswire – Jan 18, 2023

Gard’nClean’s product is effective and unique because of the just-add-water technology, unlike previous chlorine dioxide generation, which required large mechanical equipment at great expense. Now you can purchase a cost-effective solution that can be…

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Global Garden Partners with AB Lighting to Distribute Full Line of Grow Lights for Cannabis Cultivation

Cision PR Newswire – Jan 17, 2023

With over 30 years of research and development, 50+ tested spectra, 100+ tested crops, and 30+ fixture industrial designs, AB Lighting has the skills to design best-in-class fixtures. One way AB Lighting sets itself apart from the competition is…

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Bionova Silution with Veggies

Are You Using a Stable Mono-Silicic Acid in Your Grow? You Should Be…

Cision PR Newswire – Jan 10, 2023

Stabilized using fulvic acid sourced from the highest quality mines on Earth, Bionova Silution has a two-year shelf life, is water soluble and 100% plant-available, meaning…

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Dimlux Unveils a Fully Customizable LED Grow Light Positioned to Take the Industry by Storm!

Cision PR Newswire – Jan 3, 2023

Dimlux Lighting’s newest product offering has raised the bar for LED Grow Lights. These fixtures are available in 500w, 750w, and 1000w configurations and can be…

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Bionova Expands Its Cannabis Nutrient Product Offering in the United States

Cision PR Newswire – Jan 3, 2023

Bionova Nutrients offers a full line of cost-effective and highly efficient nutrient products to cultivators who are seeking to elevate their crop potential.

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The Future of Indoor Farming Automation and Optimization – Global Garden Partners with Canobi AgTech Bringing Revolutionary Tech to Indoor Cannabis and Food Farmers

Cision PR Newswire – Aug 11, 2022

Global Garden has teamed with Canobi AgTech of Maxville Ontario to bring revolutionary monitoring, automation, and optimization technology to indoor…

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Grower's Ally Logo

Global Garden Partners with Grower’s Ally to Distribute OMRI Listed Organic Fungicide and Spider Mite Control

Cision PR Newswire – Mar 23, 2021

Global Garden has teamed with Grower’s Ally to distribute their organic line of pest and disease control products.

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RediRoot Logo

Global Garden Partners with NurserySource to Distribute RediRoot Products

Cision PR Newswire – Mar 16, 2021

Global Garden is pleased to announce their distribution partnership with NurserySource, the Damascus, OR based developer of the RediRoot product line.

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Global Garden is Growing

Cision PR Newswire – February 25, 2021

Global Garden Hires Horticulture and Grow Light Expert, Christopher Sloper, to Lead Lighting Product Management

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Green House Feeding Press Growing Hemp

Food for Success

Cannabis Business Times – February 2021

Read how Zoë Therapeutics uses Green House Feeding’s mineral line, including Grow and Hybrids during vegetation and flowering.

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