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Distributor of premium indoor grow and hydroponic equipment, nutrients, and the best grow lights, for greenhouses and commercial grows.

Commercial Greenhouse Equipment Supplier
Commercial Greenhouse Equipment Supplier
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Bringing World Class
Products That Offer
Efficient Cultivation Solutions
To Growers.

Whether you’re ready to buy the best 1000 watt grow lights today, or beginning the process of researching your options, we are ready and waiting to help you build and supply your indoor grow, greenhouse, or commercial cultivation to your specifications.

Organic Nutrients Green House Feeding

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Organic Nutrients Green House Feeding
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Our company mission is to provide Efficient Cultivation Solutions that will maximize your ROI.

Whether you’re a commercial facility, greenhouse, or a hobbyist, we offer the personalized services you’re looking for.

We focus on maximizing your cultivation’s return on investment.

You don’t have the time to make mistakes in a competitive market, and we understand you’re looking for best-in-class commercial grow products that generate measurable results.

Through years of collective experience in the indoor growing community we have the privilege to offer you elite breakthrough technologies in nutrients, grow lights, and hydroponic indoor grow equipment.

Global Garden is the exclusive North American Distributor for DimLux Lighting and Green House Feeding Nutrients.

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