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Bionova Silution Mono-Silicic Acid

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Silution consists of a stabilized and bioavailable form of Mono-Silicic Acid.

It is a highly plant-available and bio-active product that has positive effects on the plant. Silution results in a better harvest: higher yield and a better quality.

Available sizes:

  • 250 mL
  • 1 Liter
  • 5 Liter (1.3 Gal)
  • 20 Liter (5.3 Gal)

The solution for the highest yield!

Silution consists of a stabilized and bioavailable form of Mono-Silicic Acid.

It is a highly plant-available and bio-active product that has positive effects on the plant. Silution results in a better harvest: higher yield and a better quality.

Bigger and stronger rooting system

The effectiveness of Mono-Silicic Acid in strengthening the plant and stimulating growth and flowering is particularly visible with growers that have less optimal growing conditions such as in greenhouses, indoor crops, growing in warm climates and high infection risk conditions. Silution should be given right from the start of the growing period for the plant’s rooting system to grow bigger. Bigger roots take up more nutrients, which in turn allows the plant to grow better, faster and stronger, and helps the plant to resist external influences and diseases.

Patented formula

Silution’s unique qualities are enhanced with the addition of high-grade and purified biological fulvic acid. This pure fulvic acid not only further stabilizes the present Mono-Silicic Acid, it also stimulates the plant’s natural defense mechanism. The addition of other trace elements such as boric acid and zinc, even further increases the stability and effectiveness.

Silution is the ideal Mono-Silicic Acid fertilizer for drip irrigation systems

  • A crop that has a higher resistance against the negative impact of stress.
  • Stronger cell walls.
  • A stronger defense against plant infections and pests.
  • A stronger defense against temperature differences and/or extreme temperatures.
  • A higher quality and yield.
  • A higher dry weight content of the end product.


Combine Silution with the fertilizer scheme throughout the entire growing cycle. Silution is a unique product, not comparable to other silicon products and therefore protected by a patent.

To the soil as root irrigation: 2 ml/10 liters pure water.

Higher concentration is unnecessary and works counter-productively.

Foliar spray: 2 ml/liter pure water with a pH of 5.0-6.0. Spray every two weeks.

First add water to the nutrient tank, then add the correct amount of Silution and mix thoroughly. Next add the normal dosage of other fertilizers and additives and mix thoroughly again.



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5 reviews for Bionova Silution Mono-Silicic Acid

  1. Luke D

    Man I love this stuff! I’ve been using PowerSi for years. But when I tried a sample of Solution I was surprised to see the difference. My girls are stronger and perkier than ever. PowerSi who?

  2. TJ W

    I’m giving this 4 stars because 1/2 the bottle leaked out during shipping. I called Global Garden and they immediately sent out a new one. That one arrived with no problems (which is why I’m giving 4 stars). I haven’t used this long enough to give my opinion on how it works. I’ll update my review when I have something more to say.

  3. Christopher M

    Where has this been my whole life? Seriously. I don’t stake my plants. No trellis. I don’t need to. Silution makes ’em hearty. Better than anything else I’ve tried so far.

  4. Beverly H

    My grandson has been helping me in my garden and brought some of this over to feed to my tomatoes. I don’t normally like to add any kinds of fertilizers or extra products to my garden. I like to let mother nature handle it. And my compost really helps. But my grandson convinced me to try this and I’m glad he did. I usually pick my tomoatoes a little early because the plants start drooping to the ground before they can get much bigger. But after my grandson added Siluton to my plants I was able to give them several more days to grow and ripen before I needed to pick. The branches got sturdier and I got bigger tomatoes. I will keep buying this.

  5. Callie T

    OK – I don’t usually write reviews, but I can’t not write one for this product! If you are on the fence about trying this, let this review be your sign to click that add-to-cart button! I never knew how much adding a mono-silicic acid to my plants would help… but hooooo-doggy!!! Ya’ll. When I tell you I had a hard time trimming the branches because they were so strong, I’m dead serious. And my girls really seemed to love it! They budded out bigger than they’ve ever done before and the only thing I changed during this cycle was adding Silution. Then I high-tailed it to my laptop to write this review! LOL! Everyone needs this in their lives. Buy it. You will not regret it!

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