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Bionova PK 13-14 Bloom Stimulator

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A must use additive, PK 13-14 is the perfect balanced combination of phosphorus and potassium. Bionova is the inventor of the original composition: PK 13-14.

Bionova’s PK 13-14 has a higher concentration compared to most competing products! Made from the highest quality food-grade minerals, Bionova’s PK 13-14 is plant available within hours giving you optimal control of your plants.

Phosphorus activates blooming inside any treated plant and potassium prompts and creates exuberant flowering. This product is sourced with food-grade minerals. PK 13-14 is also directly absorbable by the root system. End product tests clean for heavy metals.

WHY USE PK 13-14?

  • Significantly increases yield quantity and quality of any treated crop
  • Higher dry weight of harvested product

Suitable for cultivation methods:

Recommended Dosage:

0.5-2 ml per gallon.

Shake well and add 0.5-2 ml per gallon every time you prepare your nutrient solution. Use this solution every time you irrigate during the flower phase. PK 13-14 should be used in conjunction with Bionova Soil Supermix.

Click on the Feed Charts below for download:
Bionova Feed Chart for Soil Cultivation
Bionova Feed Chart for Coco Cultivation
Bionova Feed Chart for Hydro Cultivation


  • Deficiencies often occur due to poor quality of substrates and/or abnormal pH values of the nutrient solution. To cure deficient plants you can apply a solution of PK 13-14 with dilution rate of 1-2 ml per gallon of water applied by irrigation or foliar spray.


  • Potassium
    • Associated with the movement of water, nutrients and carbohydrates in plant tissue. It’s involved with enzyme activation within the plant, which affects protein, starch and adenosine
      triphosphate (ATP) production. The production of ATP can regulate the rate of photosynthesis.
    • Plants “breathe” carbon dioxide through tiny pores in the leaves known as stomata. When potassium moves into the cells around the stomata, the cells collect water and swell, allowing the pores to open and CO2 to enter. When water supplies are less than optimal, the potassium in the cells around the stomata recedes, closing the pores to prevent water loss and minimizing drought stress. When plants begin to flower, potassium is a catalyst in the manufacture and delivery of the starches and sugars needed for the blossoms to fully form.
  • Phosphorus
    • The function of phosphorus in plants is very important. It helps a plant convert other nutrients into usable building blocks with which to grow. Phosphorus is one of the main three nutrients most commonly found in fertilizers and is the “P” in the NPK balance that is listed on fertilizers.
    • Phosphorus is like a power station within plants, playing a role in every process that involves energy transfer from one function to another. These energy transfers include growing roots or forming flowers and fruit. Phosphorus initiates the transformation of nitrogen into amino acids and it is the trigger that converts sunlight into carbohydrates. This element is most in need during transitional periods in plants growth, such as the end of vegetative growth and the beginning of the flowering stage.
  • Minerals
    • Certain minerals like phosphorus and magnesium are essential for the reproduction, growth, and development of the plant. The minerals absorbed by the roots are mineral ions dissolved in the soil and water. They support plants to complete their life cycle and to produce seeds.


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