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Bionova Soil Supermix

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Bionova’s Soil Supermix is an all-in-one main fertilizer for soil substrates, specially formulated for the entire veg and bloom cycle. This perfectly balanced product contains chelated trace elements and food grade minerals. This unique mixture of ingredients ensures rapid growth and abundant flowering.

When using Soil Supermix it’s recommended to also use Bionova PK 13-14 as a bloom booster during the entire flowering stage.

Suitable for cultivation methods:

Recommended Dosage:

Soil Supermix should be used from week 1 of veg until 1 week before harvest. Flushing is mandatory.

Shake well and add 5-10 ml per gallon each time you prepare your nutrient solution. Use this solution during every irrigation until 1 week before harvest.

Soil Supermix can be used with all Bionova products and should be applied as a soil drench/irrigation.

Click on the Feed Charts below for download:

Bionova Feed Chart for Soil Cultivation


  • When using Soil Supermix in combination with Bionova Vitasol, you can stop using Soil Supermix in the last 2 weeks and double the dosage of Vitasol.
  • The dosages we as Bionova advice to use, are safe values. You can raise the dosage of Soil Supermix by steps of 10% until brown tips occur on the leaves, then go back 10% to have a perfect dosage for your specific genetic.


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1 review for Bionova Soil Supermix

  1. Alfred Watson

    Love Bionova nutrients. I have noticed a big change in my plants size and smell. They are growing faster than ever. Please make sure to add this to your garden!!!! Oh and the customer service is great!!! Just follow the instructions on the bottle and your garden is going to look and smell better than it ever has.

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