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Bionova The Missing Link Stimulator

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The Missing Link is an essential additive, developed to work in conjunction with Bionova X-ceL. This highly concentrated stimlulator has a low application rate and can be used with all Bionova main fertilizers.

Contains: 2.5% humic acid from ancient humic shale, and trace colloidal precious metals to boost immunity.

  • USDA Certified – 100% ORGANIC and VEGAN blend of plant stimulants
  • RARE-EARTH MINERALS help control viruses and bacteria
  • Will TEST CLEAN for heavy metals


  • Stimulates the plant’s natural immune system.
  • Increases ability to uptake essential nutrients.
  • Nutrient uptake over a wider pH range.
  • Boosted immune system decreases stress factors.
  • Micro-elements fully round out plant nutrition.
  • Can be used for entirety of veg and bloom cycles.

Recommended Dosage:

  • TML in a 1:2000 dosage (2 ml per gallon) continuously or weekly in a 1:500 dosage (4 ml per gallon) in a single feed.
  • As a spray: 1:1000 solution (2 ml per 5 gallons). Overdosing at this rate is impossible.
  • TML should be applied from the first week of growth until the final week of flowering.
  • TML can be used with all fertilizers.

Click on the Feed Charts below for download:

Bionova Feed Chart for Soil Cultivation

Bionova Feed Chart for Coco Cultivation

Bionova Feed Chart for Hydro Cultivation



Water Soluble Derivative of Humic Acid
Sourced from the best mine in the world, this ingredient provides exceptional nutrient absorbability for your plants. The low molecular weight of this derivative of humic acid allows it to cross the plant’s membranes and penetrate the leaves quite easily. Furthermore, it assists other nutrients in crossing plant membranes ultimately increasing the plant’s ability to uptake all essential nutrients.

Bionova Rare-Earth Minerals
Creates the ultimate immune system for plants. Infections and insects are less likely to harm plants.

Naturally Chelated Iron
Prevents and cures chlorosis. It’s essential for chlorophyll production, is required for nitrogen-fixation, and is used to regulate plant transpiration.

Sulfur (SO3)
Promotes the synthesis of sulfur-containing amino acids and helps prevent fungi infection (example: powdery mildew).


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1 review for Bionova The Missing Link Stimulator

  1. Alfred Watson

    I was wondering what was missing from my garden and I talked to Chuck here at Global Garden, and he recommended The Missing Link, and my garden has taken off!!!!!!! This stuff is great, a must have for my herbs 🌿 😉. This is a must have for my garden from now on. Thanks

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