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AzaPro Insecticide/Nematicide

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AzaPro is a botanical insect growth regulator (IGR) that controls a wide range of insect species.

AzaPro is a broad-spectrum insecticide/nematicide utilizing a highly bioactive form of azadirachtin. AzaPro has a dual mode of action, acting primarily as an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), and its residual formula acts as a repellent. Controlling more than 300 different insect species, AzaPro can safely be used up to the day of harvest.

Better Leaf Penetration

Whiteflies and other insects that feed on the undersides of leaves can be difficult to control with sprays directed only over the top of the plant. AzaPro penetrates the plant by translaminar movement to provide control of these hard-to-reach pests. Repeated applications of AzaPro build a “barrier” within the plant to prevent establishment of large pest populations.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Insect Resistance Management (IRM)

IPM combines various tools and methods, including biorational products like AzaPro, natural enemies, and cultural methods, such as sanitation, crop rotation, and resistant crop varieties. AzaPro is an excellent management tool for use in IPM programs. With its unique mode of action, AzaPro can be applied in combination or rotation with currently available products, such as synthetic pyrethroid and organophosphate (OPs) insecticides, to control target insects in an Insect Resistance Management (IRM) program. AzaPro has a 0-day pre-harvest interval (PHI) and a 4-hour re-entry interval (REI).

Target Pest Species Controlled by AzaPro:
Azapro is designed to provide greater bio-efficacy towards a broad spectrum of more than 300 insect species including: mites, aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, leafminers, beetles, mealy bugs, weevil, lepidoptera, pear psylla and more. In addition, AzaPro provides nematode suppression. Features

  • Clean, low oil formulation for reduced visual residue
  • Insect growth regulator, antifeedant, ovi-position deterrent
  • Broad-spectrum control: aphid, leaf miner, whitefly, leafhopper and chewing pests.
  • Unique mode of action controls immature insects. There is minimal impact on beneficial insects that are exposed as adults.
  • Nontoxic to mammals or birds.
  • Zero-day pre-harvest interval (PHI).
  • 4-hour re-entry interval (REI).
  • Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed.


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1 review for AzaPro Insecticide/Nematicide

  1. C D Jones

    Problems solved. I had a big problem after transplanting vegetable seedlings in my Jiffy cubes into a EvoCoir medium that I had used for first round with great success. The big issue came as a result of my neglect protecting the EvoCoir from a huge rain that flooded the storage area I keep the EvoCoir. So unbeknownst to me, the medium was corrupted by fungus gnats. So now my plants have struggled through fungus gnats until a few days ago after I applied Azapro drench to the soil. It has saved my plants. The pest pressure has diminished 85% after first treatment only days ago. It’ll require another treatment in 4 days and yet the plants have responded fantastically getting their color back and growing strong again.

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