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Kill Coronavirus and prevent COVID-19 with Gard'nClean

Gard’nClean: Covid, Pathogen, Bacteria and Virus Killer

The global Covid 19 pandemic has brought an incredible awareness to the devastating effects of viruses, pathogens, fungi, bacteria, and yes – coronaviruses. Don’t let them affect your business!

Create a safe environment for your employees and kill Covid 19 with EPA listed Gard’n Clean.  Just use their List N search tool and enter the registration numbers for Gard’nClean: EPA Registrations Numbers 74986-4 and 74986-5.

Covid 19, specifically SARS-CoV-2, is a species of coronavirus that is believed to spread from person to person through respiratory droplets created when coughing or sneezing. These droplets land on surfaces, on the lips, eyes, and ears of other people, and some are inhaled into the lungs. Covid 19 is spread most commonly between people in enclosed environments, like grow rooms, where people are within 6 feet of each other. However, Covid 19, might survive many hours on surfaces and tools!

You can take action now with Gard’nClean to effectively kill Covid 19, and sanitize any room you want to prevent the spread, and help keep your grow room running with all employees healthy.

Use Gard’n Clean

The best for grow room sanitation

Gard’nClean sizes indicate the amount of volume it is effective for disinfecting completely. So 1K is for 1,000 cubic feet, which is a 10 ft wide by 10 ft long by 10 ft tall room. (available in sizes: 1k, 2.5k, 4k & 10k).

We all need to do our part, and Gard’nClean can make it that much easier for you.

Start today.

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Isn’t it time to take decisive preventative action to protect your loved ones? Yes, I’m talking about your beautiful plants!

The bottom line: Gard’nClean is the best and easiest way to kill viruses and pathogens, like Covid 19, available today.

Gard’nClean is a well known solution with long-standing FDA and EPA registrations. Shown below is the technical bulletin from October 2018:

Gard’nClean is the best and easiest way to kill viruses and pathogens available today.

The Gard’nClean Technical Bulletin shows that it kills coronavirus and keeps your facility clean of a long list of viruses, bacterias, and fungi.

Gard’nClean products all generate 99.9% ultra-pure chlorine dioxide, they provide superior efficacy against a wide range of germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews, spores and more.

Gard’nClean is EPA listed to kill Covid 19, among many other types of pathogens that affect you and your plants.

Unlike harsh bleaches or acids, Gard’nClean’s ultra-pure chlorine dioxide (ClO2) won’t damage the surfaces or areas you want to disinfect. ClO2 simply oxidizes (destroys) every pathogen molecule it comes in contact with.

Effective for killing germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews, spores, and more.

Gard’nClean is available as a fast or extended release potent gas and as a liquid for directly spraying on surfaces.

Best of all, Gard’nClean is completely safe for people and it leaves no residues. When used according to the instructions, of course.

A work from home policy might work for Google and other tech firms, but you have a farm. And your crops require attention.

Protect the success of your cultivation by ensuring the health of everyone at your facility. You can’t afford to lose a harvest because your team falls ill. Take action today.

For your business to continue to succeed, you need to keep your environment clean. Your plants and employees will thank you!


Gard’nClean Is proven to be far more effective than bleach, peroxide, ammonium products (Quat), peracetic acid and any other commercial cleaning substance available to kill pathogens.

There are several versions and sizes of the Gard’nClean that will allow you to sanitize and disinfect every room of your facility.

Gard'nClean Extended Release Icon

Extended Release

Dry Fumigation for deeply disinfection of spaces and environments

Gard'nClean Fast Release Icon

Fast Release

Preventative measure to improve air quality for up to 30 days

Gard'nClean Liquid Icon


Contact spray for all surfaces

Gard’nClean Products are Registered:

EPA Logo
FDA Logo
USP Logo
NSF Logo
EPA Reg No. 74986-4 & 74986-5
FDA FCN 445 & 645