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AB Lighting AB520 LED Grow Light


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The high performance AB Series LED Grow Lights from AB Lighting are developed and rigorously tested to ensure optimal design and function.

After years of lab and real-world farm application testing, AB Lighting has developed what is understood to be the most efficient and well-rounded full spectrum. They have included enough blue light and red light to help plants thrive in both the vegetative and flower stages respectively ensuring a plant’s maximum potential.



The AB520 LED Grow Light is a full spectrum light. Designed with higher blue light ratios the AB520 is the ideal light for use during the vegetation stage.

AB Lighting Spectrum - V4


Input Power                               520w
Voltage 120-277V
Mounting Height 12-14 Inches

Light Output (PPF) 1274μmol/s (400-700nm)
System Efficacy (PAR) 2.45μmol/J (400-700nm)

Light Output (PBF) 1300μmol/s (280-800nm)
System Efficacy (PBAR) 2.50μmol/J (280-800nm)

Certifications DLC, ETL, CE, & IP65
Dimensions 33.5" x 33.5" x 2.2"
Weight 36.8 lbs
Warranty 5 Year


AB Lighting’s special structure heat dissipation design keeps the fixture body cool to the touch. It allows the light to work at a much lower temperature compared to traditional HPS/HID grow lights. This unique design not only extends the lifespan of the grow light, but also benefits the grow environment by releasing heat into the room at a much slower rate allowing for more efficient atmospheric turnover.

Slower Heat Release = Better Grow Atmosphere


AB Lighting Heat Sink


AB Lighting Waterproof Design


The AB Series LED Grow Lights are designed to a certified waterproof level of IP65. This waterproofing keeps the fixture in stable operating condition even in high humid environments. 

IP65 translates to International Protection -aka- Ingress Protection (IP) against Total Dust Ingress (level 6) and Low Pressure Water Jets from any Direction (level 5).

Source: DSM&T IP Rating Chart


Light output levels for the AB Series can be manually adjusted via the knob control on the top of the fixture. Adjust light levels to 40%, 55%, 70%, 85%, or 100% depending on your plants’ needs.

If your grow requires a higher quantity of grow lights where manual adjustment would be impractical, AB Series Grow Lights can also be daisy-chained in quantities of up to 100 when paired with one of AB Lighting’s Smart Controllers.


AB Series Dimming Knob

DLC Hort Mark
CE Mark
ETL Mark
IP65 Rating
5 Year Warranty Badge

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