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Dimlux DXO HPS Lamp (CA Spec) – 1000/1250w


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The newly developed DXO California Spec HPS 400V 1000/1250W DE lamp is the best performing 400V EL lamp available. It is the only lamp specifically designed for dimming AND boosting which results in the highest performance at boost without PAR deprivation.

SUPER LONG LASTING! 95% PAR maintenance after 10,000h operation!

The DXO California Spec HPS 400V 1000/1250W DE lamp is a single-spectrum lamp with the most plant-useable light output of just about any 1000 Watt lamp on the market. The lamp produces light mostly in the red part of the spectrum for heavy flowering, however, it does produce some light in the blue part of the spectrum making it suitable for vegging.

It has been specifically designed to make the most of your HPS (400 Volt / 1000 Watt) electronic system with boost where it will produce more plant-useable light photons, of a better spectrum, than any other 1000 Watt lamp available.


DXO (CA Spec) 1250W 2780 µmol/s 2.23 µmol/J 400V DE
Light Output PAR (PPF 400-700nm) 2780 µmol/s @1250w
Light Output PAR (PPF 350-800nm) 3070 µmol/s @1250w
Photon Efficacy PAR (PPE 400-700nm) 2.23 µmol/J @1150-1250w
Photon Efficacy PAR (PPE 350-800nm) 2.46 µmol/J @1150-1250w


Wattage 1000 / 1250w
Output (PPF) 2200 / 2780 µmol/s
Avg. Life (hrs) 10,000
Burn Position Horizontal
Lamp Voltage 230V
Warm Up Time 5 Minutes
Re-Ignition Time 2 Minutes
Ballast HPS, 1000w, Electronic

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