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454 Bags BioPlastic Vacuum Bags with Resealable Zipper

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Not just good for the earth… ideal for cannabis. 454 Bags’ revolutionary, patented BioPlastic blend has been 3 years in the making – AND IT’S AVAILABLE NOW! 

454 Bags’ BioPlastic Vacuum Bags:

  • Stronger Than Plastic
  • 100% Oxygen Barrier
  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial – Mold and Mildew Can’t Survive in the Bag
  • More Secure Seal Than Plastic
  • Landfill Compostable – These Bags Breakdown in a Landfill Environment and Leave NO TRACE
  • USDA Bio-Preferred Status
  • Heavy Oversight to Ensure Highest Quality
  • Organic Raw Materials
  • Clean Manufacturing Process
  • FDA Food Grade

These bags are pre-cut to 11″ x 24″ for easy use and have a resealable zipper. They can be used with standard or commercial vacuum sealers (please ensure your vacuum sealer is a minimum of 11″ in width).

Black on one side for UV protection and clear on the other side for easy viewing. 100% Oxygen barrier means that no odor can get out and no oxygen/air can get in. You can feel safe with storage, shipping and transportation. Regular plastics can’t do what these bags can. 454 Bags’ BioPlastic is a stronger plastic that offers a better seal and prevents mold and mildew from surviving inside the bag.

With the USDA Bio-Preferred status you can rest assured that this is the highest quality BioPlastic on the market. Pesticide and heavy metal free. After you’re done with the bags just toss them in trash and know they will quickly breakdown into organic material and leave NO TRACE.

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11" x 24"50-packGG-690160$68.95
11" x 24"250-packGG-690162$314.95

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Bag Size11" x 24"
Pack Quantity50 Pack
Bag Size11" x 24"
Pack Quantity250 Pack