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AUVL Grow Green DE Metal Halide Lamp – 1000w


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AUVL sets standards in lamp technology and is always compatible.

AUVL GROW GREEN Metal Halide Lamps have a quartz arc tube with additional metal halide compounds to improve efficiency and color rendition of the light.

AUVL lamps have been tested with all common electronic and magnetic ballasts, meaning that they are guaranteed to be compatible with your system!

Excellent radiation over the service life, not to mention the significant light yield, provides the greenhouse owner or hobby gardener with optimum economic viability and an improved harvest yield across a multitude of areas of use.



  • Promotes fast growth of compact, strong plants
  • Effective light output across service life
  • Exchangeable with high pressure sodium lamps
  • Designed for operating with ECG/ electronic ballasts


Wattage 1000w
Output (PPF) 1800 µmol/s
Avg. Life (hrs) 6,000
Burn Position Horizontal
System Voltage 400V
Ballast MH, 1000w, Electronic

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