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454 Bags 5 Gallon Bucket Liners


*bucket not included

Please note – this item is the identical product as 454 Bags’ 22″ x 26″ Oversized “Not for Turkey” Bags. When you receive the product, the box will be labeled as Turkey Bags. THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE. We simply market the item both ways because it works wonderfully for both purposes. It is a turkey bag as well as a 5 gallon bucket liner.

The 454 Bags 5 Gallon Bucket Liner is the same great product as their 22″ x 26″ Oversized “Not For Turkey” Bag. Same great price. Same great quality. If you’re looking for a liner for your 5 gallon bucket, this is it!

454 Bags are formulated specifically for flower. Preserve your product in a bag that was made to store it. 454 Bags’ 5 Gallon Bucket Liners are made from a special plastic blend formulated for better color and nose preservation. They also made their bags bigger than the competition because they know the pain of trying to tie bags without enough slack. Made in the USA.

These 5 gallon bucket liners give you plenty of extra space so even the fluffiest pounds are easy to tie. They are thicker for better odor control and puncture resistance. Holds 1-3 lbs of flower.

  • Size: 22″ x 26″
  • Holds 1-3 lbs of flower
  • Roll of 300 with easy tear perforations
  • Box doubles as a built-in dispenser


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