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How to Find Hydroponics Stores Near You

When it comes time to shop for hydroponic supplies, you have two main options: peruse online or shop at a brick-and-mortar store. Sure, shopping online has its perks, but sometimes you want to check out products in person. If you’ve headed to Google and searched for “hydroponics stores near me” you’re not alone.

While Google is an obvious way to find stores, there are other options! And not just other options, but better options.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to a tool that helps you locate hydroponics stores and show you how these stores can help you improve your hydroponic systems.

How to Find the Nearest/Closest Hydroponic Store

Search engines…we all have a love/hate relationship with them. Sure, they provide lots of results…but these results often lead to a downward spiral of link clicking and an overwhelming amount of open tabs.

There is another option when it comes time to locate a local hydroponics store! Enter the Global Garden store finder.

Hydroponics Store Listings Example

To use this tool, simply enter in your zip code and search radius then click search. A map will pop up showing hydroponic supply stores near you. Not only does this tool list the store names, but it also includes the stores’ phone numbers and websites, making it easy to contact a store before you make the trip.

What are the Benefits of Shopping at a Local Hydroponics Store?

We get it. Buying online is convenient. But, there are many pros of shopping at a local store. Here are some of the number one reasons why shopping at a local hydroponics store can help you.

Get Up Close and Personal with Products

After reading all you can about a product online, you might still have a few questions. As an example, let’s look at grow room glasses. Articles and product descriptions have taught you all about optical density and color corrective lenses and helped you narrow your options down to a few pairs of glasses. But, what thing is stopping you from ordering: what glasses fit?

This is just one example of when a store comes in handy. You can head to your local hydroponics store, try on glasses, and purchase a product you know fits.

Along with trying on glasses, stores also give you the opportunity to check out product details and compare two products side by side.

Receive Products ASAP…In Good Condition

Sometimes you need a product right now. While modern shipping can deliver products within one day, you’ll likely pay for these expedited rates.

By heading to a store, you can leave with the product in your hands the same day you enter the store. And you don’t have to pay for shipping!

Another benefit of buying from a store is you know the condition of the product you’re buying. If you’ve ever received a cracked light bulb or box dripping with liquid fertilizer, you know the risks of shipping.

Custom and Professional Advice

When you head to a store, you have the chance to talk face-to-face with owners and employees. That’s right…no little chat bubble or hold music, just a real, live person!

Hydroponic Store Customers

These employees are typically passionate growers themselves who have hands-on experience with the products they offer in their store. If you’re wondering about the differences between two similar products, they can help.

Another benefit of talking with employees is you’re able to describe your specific growing setup and goals. If you’re a regular customer, it’s a good bet that you’ll develop a good relationship with at least one employee. And that means you won’t have to explain that you grow lettuce using a nutrient film technique for the 23rd time!

Help with Problem-Solving

Whether you’re a beginner home grower or an experienced commercial grower, you’re bound to run into problems. Spider mite infestations, uninspiring blooms, nutrient deficiencies…we’ve been there. And so have many hydroponic store employees.

When you’re experiencing an issue with your hydroponic system or crops, these employees give you an ear to bounce solutions off of. And, they can suggest solutions you haven’t thought of. Since it’s employees’ jobs to know about their products, they can likely offer you a product that will help solve the issue you’re dealing with.

Another perk of working with a store is you’ll be able to utilize the relationships stores have with various brands. If you’re having an issue with a light and the store employee can’t figure it out, they can reach out to a brand representative for expert advice.

What Products Do Hydroponics Stores Carry?

Even if a store has great customer service and knowledgeable employees, it’s essential they carry the products you need. While individual products and brands vary between stores, you’ll find most stores carry products in the following categories.

Complete Hydroponic Growing Systems

Whether you’re looking for a deep water culture, ebb and flow, or nutrient film technique system, you can find it in-store. These complete kits contain everything you need to get started with hydroponic growing, which makes them a good choice if you’re taking your first foray into hydroponic growing.

Complete kits will contain pumps, grow containers, grow medium, and all other necessary system components.


If you know anything about growing indoors, you know that a light isn’t simply a light! With LED, HIDCMH, and more, you have tons of options when it comes time to choose grow lights for your hydroponic system.

Many shops will contain different types and brands as well as replacement parts for specific lights. So, if you buy a DimLux light, you’ll be able to find replacement bulbs and reflectors.


Whether you’re looking for liquid or dry hydroponic nutrients, most stores will carry a variety of products for you to choose between. Since stores have relationships with certain brands, they’ll carry nutrient lines that contain products for the various stages of your plant’s life.

And since employees will be familiar with these products, they can provide helpful information such as when to switch from vegetative to flowering nutrients. Plus, if your plants are experiencing a nutrient deficiency, employees can help alter your fertilizer routine to solve the problem.

Find a Store Near You and Get Shopping

Now that you know all about the benefits that come from shopping at your local hydroponics store, it’s time to get shopping! Head to our store finder to locate a great store near you. Chat with the employees, pursue stellar products, and watch your confidence soar and crops grow!


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By Briana Yablonski

Briana grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania and currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. She holds a Bachelor of Science in plant sciences from Penn State University and has worked on produce farms in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee. She now runs her own small farm and enjoys walking dogs at the local shelter, hiking, and riding her bike.

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